Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hot Mojave Knights! by Maureen O. Betita

Hot Damn!

I’m sure hopin’ there be pirates in this here devil isle known as Las Vegas… I’m lookin’ fer some nice seasoned pirates, some muscles on them, silver woven hair and a flash a’ knowin’ what they be doin’ in their eyes.

I don’ mind some scars and lines, means they been at this few awhile and know what ta do…wit’ booty, bounty and babes. (Or those not so in the thrall of babedom.)

Aye, I be lookin’ forward ta Las Vegas and Hot Mojave Knights…

I hopes ya be searchin’ fer adventure! Romance! And Pirates!

And if’n ya leave Las Vegas hungerin’ fer more…then look no further than me pirate themed books… The Kraken’s Caribbean be featurin’ pirates, Steampunk and kraken. Why? Why not!
The series I call me Caribbean Spell Series features pirates, time traveling sexual witchery and an alternate Caribbean ta mess with. Oh, and Merlin – eventually… This be a 30 volume series, so ifn’ ya love the love haul…I be the ship ta sail upon!

Look fer me in Vegas…I’ll be wearin’ the pirate hat!

And a hearty good day ta ya, wit’ good luck fillin’ yer sails!

Cap’n Maureen O. Betita, pirate wench a’ the cyber seas!

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  1. I am hopin' the heat may be easin' up, or this poor pirate may melt...