Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sizzling Summer Deal! July Special now up!

In celebration for summer we the committee of Hot Mojave Knights have the following summer deals for you!
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Impressive line up of talent and chance of a lifetime workshop!

Heather Graham
We here at Hot Mojave Knights are ecstatic at the line up of authors we have for 2014! Heather Graham has graciously accepted our invitation to attend and be our keynote speaker this year.
If this was not enough we also have the incredible talent of Jade Lee and Cindy Dees, both adding their touches to what is shaping up to be a weekend beyond all imaginings.
Both Jade Lee and Cindy Dees have agreed to give an all day workshop for a very limited few. This is not a normal event by any stretch of the imagination, but a once in a blue moon type of opportunity to learn from the best in the business. 

Jade Lee
Cindy Dees

Here is a little information on the workshop being held on Friday September 27th.


**It is NOT MANDATORY for you to submit pages for review**

Whether you’re contemplating trying your hand at writing a first
story or you’re a New York Times best-selling author, this day-long workshop is
for you. Writing instructor and award winning author Cindy Dees and USA Today
Bestseller Jade Lee will cover all major aspects of novel writing with exercises
designed to lift the level of your writing from wherever it is now—plotting,
character, conflict, setting, description, theme. They’ll include bonuses like
building a social media platform and share tips on how to write faster.
The format is a series of hands-on workshops built around a wide
variety of exercises, brainstorming activities, and Q&A. Cindy believes it
not enough merely to talk about writing; attendees have to walk out the door
with concrete ideas, enthusiasm, and a clear vision of their story that they can
take home and turn into a great book.
And while Cindy is opening your mind to thinking like a bestselling storyteller,
Jade will be one-on-one critiquing your manuscripts. That’s right! Send in your
pages ahead of time, and she will talk you through your strengths and
flaws. Send in a 2 page outline of
your work (Hint: outline format is best) and your first 10 pages by Sept. 1, 2014.
You can send an extra page for every week before the deadline that it arrives
her my in-box. Send to with the header VEGAS

Workshop 1: LIFT YOUR WRITING TO THE NEXT LEVEL – No matter what
level your writing is at now, this collection of thought exercises and
brainstorm activities will show you ways to lift your story to the next level,
to increase its sophistication and improve its reader appeal. A general
overview workshop to get our day started, this session will cover plot,
character, conflict, backstory, setting, description, and theme.

Workshop 2: MASTER CHARACTER CLASS Cindy will walk you through
her acclaimed character development spreadsheet, which is an amalgam of fifteen
years’ worth of character workshops, how-to books, psychological research, and
personal experience. You will come away from this workshop knowing your
characters better than your own kids and knowing exactly where and how to mine
all the conflicts between your hero and

Workshop 3: SPAGHETTI BOWL OF PLOTTING In this popular hands-on
session, Cindy will show you how to think of your plot as a circle instead of a
linear series of events. She’ll show you how to go from character to plot, how
to thicken the plot you already have, how to find plot holes, how to eliminate
extraneous characters, and how to uncover hidden conflicts between your
characters that give many layers to your

Workshop 4: WHAT CONSTITUTES BIG? Cindy has interviewed fifty
editors from every major publishing house and a number of indy houses to ask the
question, What makes for big characters, big relationships, and big scenes? In
this industry-driven session, she’ll share what editors and readers are looking
for in “big” commercial fiction and show you how to build these big elements
into your stories.

We’ll wind up the day with a free-form Q&A session where you
can delve more deeply into topics already covered during the day. Cindy and Jade
will also share bonus content on how to build a social media following quickly
and will share their tips on how to write

Registration is on the registration page of our website:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Special!

Buy two Reader/Author tickets and another of your friends comes free!
Come and experience the fantasy!
Hot Mojave Knights 2014!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Things are heating up here in Las Vegas!
We are busy preparing for the September event, adding an extra day AND shuttle service to the airport after the event!
We still have a few openings and its first come first serve with Featured and Spotlight openings. We are also looking for bloggers to round out our event. If you blog about books, review them then we are interested.
This years them is all about the military, historical or contemporary it makes no difference. After all we consider all soldiers to be Knights under a different name.
We are excited to have some return authors and some new ones. Jade Lee, Kathryn Le Veque and Emerald are just a few returning authors. Heather Graham, Cindy Dees and others we are hammering out the details with are also on board and we couldn't be more excited.
Be sure to check our website often for updates, specials, workshops and events we are setting up. If you have something you would like to see for Hot Mojave Knights we would love to hear your ideas.
Until next time,
Hot Mojave Knights Committee.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentines Special!

Limited tickets are available. Get yours today! Just go to and click registration. You will find the special listed below.