Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Guest Post- When the Night Comes- THE HUNTED by Shannan Albright

Life, Passion and Writing.

For those who know me already, it’s no surprise to them that I work best when I’m busy. The fact I get panicky with too much free time on my hands, it is something which can work against me.

Case in point, my latest release due out by October 31st. It is a perfect example of a Shannan moment. In August I went to a conference in NOLA and met up with one of my friends, Seraphina Donavan, who offered me a spot in her upcoming paranormal anthology When the Night Comes.

Well, hell, it’s not every day when you get an offer from a successful author like that. It would be a stupid to walk away from a higher profile project which could further my career right? I could squeeze in the time, after all it was only a short story. Easy as pie.


Now, taking into account a full time day job and organizing the second year of Hot Mojave Knights- a reader/author event which was only a month away…yeah, what was I thinking? My mind screaming no while my mouth said yes! I knew it would be a hell of a battle to get it done before I even put my first word on paper.

So, I got to work, outlining the basic premise of the story and started writing…and struggling…and deleting.

Frustrated and feeling the sharp edge of panic I went over my premise and found it solid. Why wasn’t it freaking flowing? Then I finally asked that same question in my head, picturing my characters sitting with me in a board room. Boy, did I get an earful and there went my whole story out the window. Now I had three weeks total to get at least fifteen thousand words on paper and I had only two.

Chapter One. 


With a new premise before me, I started writing.Using every spare moment I had. Hubby started grumbling and the dogs never left my side, whimpering for a walk or the smallest scrap of affection only to be denied. I wrote with a single minded ferocity only those under the gun could have. Finally, I finished. Woot! I felt as if I ran a marathon and crossed the finish line still on my feet – Okay, crawling over the finish line- but still I made it.

So here it is. The Hunted from the paranormal anthology When the Night Comes. And you’re the first to read the teaser for it. I hope you enjoy.

“This is barbaric.”

He blinked in surprise as the druidess stepped in front of him. Her scent swirled in the air as her hair brushed up against the stubble of his chin in a soft erotic glide. He breathed in her heady aroma of vanilla and green grass deep into his lungs, his willful body hardening in response to her nearness regardless of what his mind thought.

“I will not just stand here and let you abuse this man.”

“Can you truly be that naive? That is not a man, it’s a demon. A beast with no soul. It lives only for the chance to destroy us, should we be foolish enough to give them the chance.”

“Enough!” The Polariate’s voice whipped through the arena bringing a heavy science in its wake. “Stand aside Leigh. Now.”

Disbelief held him immobile. Never in his life could he remember anyone ever coming to his aid before. Yet this woman, Leigh was willing to save him from an assassin’s blade. It confused him, made him wary and wondering what she held in store for him. For this surely this must be just another form of torture.

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