Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who Will You Be at Hot Mojave Knights? by Siobhan Muir

"Who Will You Be Now?" Okay, so it's a little play on the title from Men at Work, but with Hot Mojave Knights coming in less than two months-Can you hear the clock ticking down?...tick...tick...tick-it's time to get your thinking caps on.

I'm so excited to see everyone at the event. There will be wine meet & greet going on Friday night and we'll have local wines from the Pahrump Valley Winery to enjoy. Trust me, they're all really good. Plus the Knights, Sir Scott Nova, Sir Scott Roahrig, Sir DeLonn Donovan, and Sir Benny Bekro will all be there to schmooze and talk with everyone who isn't attending the Hunk Mansion Girls Night Out. Whichever event you choose to attend, it's going to be a blast. And handsome men to talk to, as well.

But my favorite thing will be the King's Coronation and Masquerade Ball on Saturday night. The idea is to dress up as your favorite literary character, whether Alice from Alice in Wonderland or Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Heck you could probably dress like Master Chief from Halo if you're so inclined. For myself, I'll be dressed as my heroine Sabrina Foxglove from The Beltane Witch, and if we're really lucky, Darius Winterbourne just might stop by. ;)

In the meantime, check out the Facebook pages. There's all sorts of news and announcements that come through.

Hot Mojave Knights Facebook
Hot Mojave Knights Event

And if you haven't signed up for Hot Mojave Knights Romance Reader Event, you can always jump over to the website and get your spot. If you're local to Las Vegas, there are a la carte options as well as the full weekend tickets.

It's going to be an amazing time with great authors, hot men, and fun costumes. I'll be the one in the glasses (oh, wait, most of us wear glasses) and the big grin. I can hardly wait to meet all of you and I hope to see you there.

All the best,


About Siobhan:

Siobhan Muir lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband, two daughters, and a vegetarian cat she swears is a shape-shifter, though he's never shifted when she can see him. In previous lives, Siobhan has been an actor at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, a field geologist in the Aleutian Islands, and restored inter-planetary imagery at the USGS. She’s hiked to the top of Mount St. Helens and to the bottom of Meteor Crater.

Siobhan writes kick-ass adventure with hot sex for men and women to enjoy. She believes in happily ever after, redemption, and communication, all of which you will find in her paranormal romance stories. She loves to talk to readers.

You can find her here:

Hot Mojave Knights - I Can’t Wait! by Elaine Levine

There’s something magical about meeting up with other like-minded worshippers of the male physique for an entire weekend away from the families we love and the stresses of our daily routines. Not everyone understands the mania that romance fiction engenders, but I do.

We can giggle as we compare book boyfriend fantasies. Falling in love is ageless, timeless--a truth shared by all of us who need an infinite supply of happily-ever-after endings.

The authors attending Hot Mojave Knights represent a wide range of romance sub-genres, from different epochs in history, young adult and new adult, romantic suspense, paranormal, time travel, and so many more. If you’re looking to find a new favorite author, you’ll have many new-to-you authors to meet!

There are several different panel discussions you can attend, each with its own focus area. I’ll be on one Saturday afternoon along with Lexi Ryan, Deborah Coonts, and RM Sotera chatting about New Adult and Contemporary Romance. If you’re a reader wanting to know the stories behind the stories, come listen as we reveal our story secrets. If you’re an aspiring author, take advantage of the casual environment to ask authors your burning questions. That relaxed setting is what I love best about romance reader gatherings like Hot Mojave Knights.

I write both historical westerns and contemporary romantic suspense stories. I’ll be giving books and ebooks away at the Sunday morning booksigning and at my intimate chat 9:00 am Saturday, so be sure to come meet me to take home a signed a story from my new romantic suspense series, the Red Team!

BIO: Elaine Levine lives on the plains of Colorado with her husband, a middle-aged parrot, and a rescued pit bull/bullmastiff mix. In addition to writing the Red Team romantic suspense series, she is the author of several books in the historical western series, Men of Defiance. Visit her online at ElaineLevine.com for more information about her upcoming books. And join the Red Team Readers Group or the Men of Defiance Readers Group to chat about either series!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wish List by Deborah Coonts

When I was approached about being a featured writer at Hot Mojave Knights this October in Vegas, well, I needed convincing. Just coming off a grueling book tour, I was toast and had no intention of signing up to do more book stuff. I needed a break. No more talking about books. No more talking romance. No more Vegas.

And then I saw the men.

And a trip to Hunk Mansion.

I was in.  I am sooo easy….but don’t tell anyone.

Who could resist the chance to vote on Mr. Mojave Knight? I’m assuming there is pre-judging and all that implies, right? I’m really looking forward to that part.

Anyway, much like you I love my men and my novels hot.

And, if you want romance that sizzles, where else should you be in October but Vegas at Hot Mojave Knights?

The chance to mingle with similarly afflicted story lovers. The chance to pick writers’ brains. A trip to Vegas in October where the weather is sublime, and the air like wine. The chance to see hunky guys without their shirts. All this a legit business deduction to boot? What’s not to like?

As a writer I’m looking forward to chatting with readers too because, even though I write for a living (actually I just write for a living so I can explain all those write-offs for evenings at male strip clubs to the IRS) I am at heart a reader. And I love to hear from other readers about what books they are enjoying, what types of stories they would like to see more of, and what they think is being overdone…if there is such a thing.

And, then there’s the costume ball. I come from a long line of adults who loved to play dress-up. Don’t ask, but suffice it to say my grandmother went to a party once dressed as Carmen Miranda with about forty pounds of bananas on her head. The next party she went in full Geisha regalia and she couldn’t take a stride longer than six inches—I would’ve loved to see her dance in that get up. My 6’4” grandfather was not amused. Anyway, I don’t know what I’ll wear for a costume…. it could be anything. Hey, I live in Vegas where a g-string, pasties and some Saran Wrap qualifies. But don’t hold your breath....

And Vegas is the perfect venue to talk romance, whatever your concept of it might be—trysts measured in hours, or a relationship spanning decades. Hot or not. And that’s what I want to do at Hot Mojave Knights. I want to hear what your concept of romance is.

Of course, I also want to talk about humor in romance novels—I mean sex is pretty funny after all. What? You say it’s not? Hmmm…well, it certainly is in my household. Anyway, I need to get that straightened out—perhaps you can help me.

And I want to ogle the romance novel cover models in the flesh.

Don’t you?

Then join me, sign up, and come on in…the drinks will be cold, the men, hot, and the conversation…stimulating.


About Deborah Coonts

My mother tells me I was born a very long time ago, but I’m not so sure—my mother can’t be trusted.  These things I do know:  I was raised in Texas on barbeque, Mexican food and beer.  I currently reside in Las Vegas, where my friends assure me I cannot get into too much trouble.  Silly people. I am the author of WANNA GET LUCKY? (A NY Times Notable Crime Novel for 2010 and double RITA™ Finalist), LUCKY STIFF, SO DAMN LUCKY and four digital novellas, LUCKY IN LOVE, LUCKY BANG and LUCKY NOW AND THEN, Parts One and Two.  The fourth Lucky novel, LUCKY BASTARD was just released May 14th in hardcover. I can usually be found at the bar, but also at www.deborahcoonts.com.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vegas and Authors and Knights, Oh My! by Emerald

Hot Mojave Knights (HMK), scheduled to take place October 18-20, is an event devoted to readers, writers, Las Vegas, and hot men. That’s pretty much enough to get me there (or almost anywhere) all on its own. Incidentally, if you feel the same way, by all means stop reading this and register now to join us there in just a couple short months!

If you’re already signed up (yay!!) or want to hear a bit more about the multitude of additional plans that make this event one I’ve been looking forward to all year, I’m happy to share a little more about it.

I was (and still am) honored and flattered to be asked to be one of the Authors of the Court for the inaugural Hot Mojave Knights romance reader event. My invitation came from the ever-so-lovely SiobhanMuir (one of the HMK organizers whom I met at the Erotic Authors Association conference in Las Vegas in 2011). Though I was thrilled when she asked me, I felt some apprehension that I might seem a bit out of place. I have the impression that the work of most of my fellow Authors of the Court differs from mine in that 1) they all have at least one book of their own (you know, with their own name on the actual cover :) ), and 2) the work they’ll be featuring at HMK has no trouble falling into the romance genre.

My work is a bit outside of these lines; for one thing, I work in the short form currently, so I do not (alas, yet!) have a book of my own to feature. Rather, I’ve written stories that have been included in a number of anthologies alongside many of my venerable colleagues in the erotica genre. Which leads to the second slight contrast between my work and that of most of my HMK colleagues: I don’t really write romance. While some of my work has been categorized and published as erotic romance, I generally consider myself an author of erotica.

That being said, my plan is to stick to featuring and speaking about my stories that have been published as erotic romance at HMK. It is, after all, an event for romance readers! And I will say that in the face of the obvious excitement building among my fellow authors and the attendees, as well as the plans and events the extraordinary HMK coordinators have come up with, my enthusiasm about the weekend soon trumped any initial concerns I experienced about my inclusion.

In short—I am so excited! Las Vegas is one of my favorite places. I love dressing up, and I can hardly wait for the chance to at the Masquerade Ball, which takes place on Saturday night. As both a writer and a reader, I love being surrounded by writers, and the opportunity to meet readers is of course something I invariably look forward to. In addition, for me a stay in Las Vegas isn’t complete without a trip to see strippers (of the male persuasion, of course), and HMK has this covered, too! Friday night will include a trip to Hunk Mansion for a male review.

Seriously, does this weekend not sound like a dream in the making?? I can hardly wait! And you don’t even have to plan any of it for yourself—the amazing Hot Mojave Knights organizers have taken care of it all. (See the schedule for the weekend here, and book your hotel room at the conference site here.) All you have to do is show up!

I very much hope you will, and if so, I look forward to meeting you. I, the acclaimed group of authors I am alongside on the Court, and a number of hot, lovely men will be eagerly awaiting your arrival! ;)


About Emerald:

Emerald is an erotic fiction author and general advocate for human sexuality as informed by her deep appreciation of the beauty, value, and intrinsic nature of sexuality and its holistic relation to life. Her work has been featured in anthologies published by Cleis Press, Mischief, and Logical-Lust, and she serves as an assistant newsletter editor for Marketing for Romance Writers (MFRW).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Emerald_theGLD (@Emerald_theGLD)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A (K)Night in Vegas by Sir Scott Nova

Well, it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I just got back from the gym, my son is napping upstairs and I’m on the PC trying to catch up with all my duties here. Don’t get me wrong though, I honestly love how busy I am and how in-demand I’ve become in a short period of time. Speaking of...

A few months ago Siobhan Muir messages me on facebook to ask me if I’d be interested in joining their inaugural romance oriented convention that they are hosting in Las Vegas. I was immediately intrigued because I’ve never been to Vegas. It’s just never presented itself to me as an option and so I haven’t made it there yet. Needless to say though, I’m going in October, 2013.

They are hosting a cover model contest and it’s called The Hot Mojave Knights cover model contest and it will showcase 4 of us guys who all have some experience in modeling and/or fitness. Some of the guys are aspiring cover models, some are vets. I’m incredibly excited to be going as I will undoubtedly make some new connections, and life long friends. I’m rooming with one of my original boys of romance, DeLonn Donovan and we can be found on the dance floor each and every night, ladies, so bring your dancing shoes.

I am extra excited about HMK convention because Siobhan has been so accepting of suggestions and questions. I KNOW this convention will be for and by the readers/authors. NOT to make a dime. The making of money is an after-thought for Siobhan on the convention. And I appreciate that greatly.

I myself am incredibly excited to sit and talk with some of my good friends at this event; Jade Lee, Kelly Oaks, Wendy Maples, and Jodi Redford to only name a few. Jodi will possibly be debuting a new release with yours truly on the cover. :) Jade Lee doesn’t love me enough for a cover. LOL I’m just kidding.

The events all take place at the Sunset Station Casino in Henderson, NV and go from Oct. 18th - 20th. Us guys will be on “display” the entire convention and will also be escorting all of you at the night time events, and especially the Masquerade Ball on the 19th. There, we all will be vying for your attention as we try to complete certain tasks to quality for the grand prize given out later that night. So ladies, pay attention to the guys who are opening doors, pulling out chairs and fighting evil at every turn.

Want to take a gander at the models attending ladies? Follow this link below:

Well, I got so much to do today, I better get a move on. I’ve got an interview to write for BTS Magazine and also a shoot to organize for Horny Devil Publishing as I’m now the face of their brand, so I gotta make good on my shoot.

Take care ya’ll!


About Scott:

Scott has a 17yr background in IT, that has found a passion in modeling/acting which is enhanced by his love for fitness. He's represented by The Talent Group of Pittsburgh. He is also a freelance cover model/physique model; he has an level of energy that allows him to work diligently to get the shot you need. Martial arts has been a part of his life in some form since he was roughly 9 years old. So you can expect nothing less than total professionalism, and positive energy.

You can find Scott on Facebook.