Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A (K)Night in Vegas by Sir Scott Nova

Well, it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I just got back from the gym, my son is napping upstairs and I’m on the PC trying to catch up with all my duties here. Don’t get me wrong though, I honestly love how busy I am and how in-demand I’ve become in a short period of time. Speaking of...

A few months ago Siobhan Muir messages me on facebook to ask me if I’d be interested in joining their inaugural romance oriented convention that they are hosting in Las Vegas. I was immediately intrigued because I’ve never been to Vegas. It’s just never presented itself to me as an option and so I haven’t made it there yet. Needless to say though, I’m going in October, 2013.

They are hosting a cover model contest and it’s called The Hot Mojave Knights cover model contest and it will showcase 4 of us guys who all have some experience in modeling and/or fitness. Some of the guys are aspiring cover models, some are vets. I’m incredibly excited to be going as I will undoubtedly make some new connections, and life long friends. I’m rooming with one of my original boys of romance, DeLonn Donovan and we can be found on the dance floor each and every night, ladies, so bring your dancing shoes.

I am extra excited about HMK convention because Siobhan has been so accepting of suggestions and questions. I KNOW this convention will be for and by the readers/authors. NOT to make a dime. The making of money is an after-thought for Siobhan on the convention. And I appreciate that greatly.

I myself am incredibly excited to sit and talk with some of my good friends at this event; Jade Lee, Kelly Oaks, Wendy Maples, and Jodi Redford to only name a few. Jodi will possibly be debuting a new release with yours truly on the cover. :) Jade Lee doesn’t love me enough for a cover. LOL I’m just kidding.

The events all take place at the Sunset Station Casino in Henderson, NV and go from Oct. 18th - 20th. Us guys will be on “display” the entire convention and will also be escorting all of you at the night time events, and especially the Masquerade Ball on the 19th. There, we all will be vying for your attention as we try to complete certain tasks to quality for the grand prize given out later that night. So ladies, pay attention to the guys who are opening doors, pulling out chairs and fighting evil at every turn.

Want to take a gander at the models attending ladies? Follow this link below:

Well, I got so much to do today, I better get a move on. I’ve got an interview to write for BTS Magazine and also a shoot to organize for Horny Devil Publishing as I’m now the face of their brand, so I gotta make good on my shoot.

Take care ya’ll!


About Scott:

Scott has a 17yr background in IT, that has found a passion in modeling/acting which is enhanced by his love for fitness. He's represented by The Talent Group of Pittsburgh. He is also a freelance cover model/physique model; he has an level of energy that allows him to work diligently to get the shot you need. Martial arts has been a part of his life in some form since he was roughly 9 years old. So you can expect nothing less than total professionalism, and positive energy.

You can find Scott on Facebook.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Scott. And thanks for your suggestions. They've really helped us plan this event to be the best we can make it. :)

  2. Thanks for comeing to our event. You are so awesome to take the time out to do this blog. Can't wait to touch base with you in October.

  3. You rock, Scott. I may have to write a book with your looks in mind so you can appear on the cover. ;) Looking forward to meeting you.