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Joining us today for a Guest Post is Lynn Peters author of Binding Elements: Discoveries

The lovely ladies of HMK have invited me to share some stuff with you! I thought we'd talk about things that have impacted my creativity. The very first instance I can remember of this was watching the Disney cartoon Sleeping Beauty. When the movie starts, and they give the credits with all the beautiful colors and scenery...then they have the beautiful jeweled book that opens the story...I was blown away. I wanted to create beautiful things too. It started a love of drawing and a definite love of colors. On a side note, I saw that jeweled book at Disneyland for the first time almost two years ago and I nearly cried.
My love of writing came from my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Walton. She made us journal everyday on whatever she put on the board. I still have that very first notebook and love to look at it. I piddled around with stories in high school and one summer wrote a thrilling twenty page suspense about me and my closest friends that has not seen the light of day and never will. I'd be giving eulogies because they laughed themselves to death over that poor thing. I have all kinds of stories started from that time (including a fun Mulder and Scully type story that revolves around the four corners) and in my early twenties that were never finished. It was maddening and it wasn't until years later that I figured out why I couldn't finish them.
My first release Binding Elements: Discoveries was almost shoved in the proverbial drawer. Frustration was high and it wasn't until I read the preface of Christine Feehan's Dark Desire back in 2006 that the light bulb clicked on. She stated that she'd had this characters story planned out but as she tried to write it, it refused to go where  she wanted. She fought him until finally she gave up and listened to him. The story came after that with all kinds of wonderful things she hadn't planned. This was a major eye opener to me. Super popular paranormal author had the same trouble I did? I'm not crazy? I know, quit laughing, I couldn't type that with a straight face. I did however do what she did and listened to my characters and not only did they tell me a story, they told me secrets and facts I hadn't known which spawned a second book before the first was finished and a third as I worked the second. A trilogy wasn't planned and it still amazes me that my "DAMN IT, JUST FINISH SOMETHING!!" project has become what it is. I can't wait to share those secrets with you in the upcoming books. They're fascinating...lol
I won't take up much more of your time and will spill some, not unknown but slightly lesser known, things about me. First, I'm a die hard pro wrestling fan. Bret 'Hitman' Hart to the death , baby! My dad took me to my first matches at the age of five and that was that. I had the, probably, once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in WrestleMania weekend back in '11 and all I can say and keep it short is...OMG, I'll never be the same. 
Next would be that one of my greatest inspirations to keep writing is JK Rowling. Yes, I'm an HP fan but it was an interview she did with Oprah that did it for me. If you have the chance to watch it, I highly recommend it. 
The LOTR extended edition movies are what I have in the background as I'm writing. They're so familiar they act as a sort of focusing agent for me rather than a distraction. The same with HP but not the Battle for Hogwarts...that rips me out of whatever I'm working on everytime...LOL 
My favorite color is green, chocolate is a necessity in life and I do not like walking on the beach in the moonlight, though I wouldn't say no to a walk in the moonlight to the nearest bookstore. Got a question? Shoot it to me! I'd love to chat with my readers and (hopefully) soon to be readers. Hugs and love! 

Title- Binding Elements: Discoveries

Author- Lynn Peters

Series- Binding Elements Book One

Genre- Fiction/Paranormal…Romance/Paranormal

Release Date- 11/25/2014

Formats- E-book Kindle…Paperback (trade paper) coming soon

Blurb/Synopsis- Binding Elements: Discoveries

She thought it was over…
Five hundred years ago, Aurora lost everything…including Lucas, the love of her life, when he refused to let go of the past. After centuries of clashes with him, the peace she’s found in the small town of Summer Gate is shattered when Lucas finds her again. Now, she’ll need her control of fire to protect not just herself but also her best friend.
He’s going to show her it’s only just begun…
Lucas walked away from Aurora when she gave up on their quest for justice. Realizing he gave up the most important thing in his life, he went in search of her. Now, almost two centuries after their last fight, he’s tracked her down. With Aurora furious and fighting hard, Lucas will need every ounce of his ice powers to get what he’s after.
It’s here…
The battle brewing for five centuries is here. Before it’s over someone will be ruthlessly attacked, another gravely injured and more than one person will disappear. Enemies Aurora didn’t know existed will emerge from the shadows. It will take all of her Elemental training, and powers she’s kept hidden, to make it through alive

About the Author: 
Lynn Peters is a native of Sin City and has been jotting ideas and pieces of stories down since the fourth grade. Binding Elements: Discoveries is her first published work and she’s looking forward to continuing sharing her fun imagination with the world. Lynn loves professional wrestling, crocheting and dragons. She is currently working 40 a week, raising her mini-me and teasing the dog.

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