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Guest Post by Johanna Riley

Guest Post by Johanna Riley

From the time I was little I wanted to be a writer. I was forever penciling stories in a beat up notebook while on the school bus. Instead of paying attention in classes—any classes—I would hide behind my school books and dream up a new adventure for my characters.

Legacy of Deception started off as a modern take on Sleeping Beauty. This story went through at least four variations and took over five years to complete. Frankie was supposed to be a stodgy attorney with a cameo appearance, but he very quickly shed the stuffy persona and burst to life in sequins and feathers. Through many critiques, tears, and hair pulling, these characters helped me shape this book into a story I am proud to claim.

Legacy of Deception

Blurb: Becca Mendelson finds a letter, written in her deceased mother's hand, describing events and circumstances so unbelievable, she travels thousands of miles to a strange country to discover the truth about her heritage. Gannon Tavish has one mission--to protect the royal family and his country at any cost. When a beautiful stranger, looking a lot like the queen, shows up in the country's capitol researching a twenty-five year old kidnapping, his instincts go on high alert. Can Gannon put aside personal suspicions and solve the cold case, or will the wicked unknown destroy everything Becca's searched for her entire life?


“Excuse me,” she said in a soft timber. “I, um, I know this will sound weird, but, you look so familiar to me.”

He realized then she wasn’t talking to him, but her comment had been addressed to Derek.

“Hello, Becca. This is my friend—”

“Derk, right?” She shook his hand.

Gannon’s mouth dropped open. No one had used that childhood nickname in almost twenty-five years. And no one outside of the royal family knew it.

“Who are you?” Derek demanded.

Becca blinked. Her eyes flashed to a spot over Derek’s shoulder and she gasped. “I’m sorry. So sorry.” She turned on her heel and fled back to her table.

“Derek,” a familiar voice called out. Both men turned to see Queen Elsbeth and her entourage of four crossing the street toward them.

Good Lord. If she saw Becca, she’d have a million questions, questions to which Gannon didn’t have answers.

“What are you two up to out and about town?”

Derek cleared his throat and took a step closer to Gannon. “We were just grabbing a bit to eat. And Gannon was following up on a lead on a case.”

Curiosity sparked in her gray eyes. “Really? Anything interesting?”

Gannon shot a guilty look at Derek, and glanced back to Becca’s table. He did a double take. She and her friend were gone.

He needed to track this woman down and find out who she was before she got the whole country in an uproar.

About the Author:
I met my very own romance novel hero at the tender age of sixteen. Joe sat in front of me in Geometry class and it was love at first sight...poor guy. We married in 1998, and have been through our share of trials and celebrations, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My critique partners are greatful for Joe because he hides my chainsaw, and any other sharp objects I might try to play with. Not to mention keeping me satisfied with an endless supply of Dove Milk Chocolate and Riesling.

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