Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Joining us today is our own RM Sotera

When the Muse Decides to ‘get up and go’ and You Think Your Writing Career is Over – There Can Still Be a Somewhere Over The Rainbow!

By: RM Sotera

Sometimes life sucks. The past year has been both positive and negative for me. I am so blessed to be a founding member and Vice President of the HMK (Hot Mojave Knights) Reader Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. To be quite honest, it’s been my saving grace. Without it, the writing dry spell, new book proposal rejection letters, and sudden reverting of one of my published book rights back to me from a company because of my low sales, could have possibly broken me. This is the first time in my life, I’d seriously thought about walking away from the business. The first time I truly felt like a bonafide loser.

Over the years, I’ve heard people say many times that in writing and publishing the good times can be out of this world and the bad times can knock you down to the point that it hurts every inch of your body to get up and face the music again. I can honestly say that I can relate.

So…how did it happen? Well, first of all on the writing side my muse disappeared for quite some time. As my day job began to take every ounce of my time, I’d pushed my muse to the background hoping that he’d wait in the wings until I could etch out some time for him. The more I’d pushed the more of him disappeared until finally I didn’t hear him anymore. With his absence came the negative thoughts, the ones that made me believe I wasn’t a true writer, and that the eight books I’d published were all flukes. As I battled with losing my creativity the publishing world shifted around me and I’d felt lost in the movement.

And so that leads me to where I am today. After some serious soul searching my muse, Styxx reappeared after a long hiatus and I’ve embraced him. I’ve learned to give him the time when he’s knocking. I’ve finished two novels and one novella. All three of my new books are with editors as we speak. I’ve learned with the shift in publishing that hiring an editor before the submission process is a good fit for me, and that advertising and promotion is another avenue that I must show diligence. Since I don’t have the time to do most of the promotions I’ve hired someone for that too. I’ve finally realized that investing in my writing career – spiritually, emotionally, creatively and financially – is a must if success is in my scope.

With the love and support of my writing friends I’ve survived and I’ve come back stronger than before. These awesome friends in my writing community were my ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ and I thank God every day for them.

In closing what I hope you’ve learned from my experiences is never give up and when the muse is knocking let him/her talk. And…keep your eye on the publishing field because it changes rapidly from one year – even one month – to the next. Do what is best for you and your career! 

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All the best,
RM Sotera

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